There are numerous issues your lawn and shrubs can encounter, such as poor root development, inadequate color and growth, turf damage from insects and diseases, weed infestations, improper watering, and other environmental issues. Some issues result due to improper horticultural practices which may weaken your turf or shrubs, while other issues may result from a lack of proper nutrients. Many issues result from pests and/or disease, weaking the plant structure. We watch for pests and diseases that will cause plants to decline and treat them appropriately to maintain sustainability through proper plant health and growth.

James "Jaye" Kirkland, CPCO, President

Having the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to properly care for your landscape is crucial to sustainability and success. With over ten years of experience performing and managing full service lawn care, irrigation repair, pest control, and equipment maintenance and repair, Jaye brings the expertise you need to deliver superior results. He has over ten years of property and facility management experience in the areas of multi-family, residential, commercial properties and municipalities (parks, roadway medians, right of ways, etc.) and has been involved in all phases of landscape projects such as landscape enhancements and/or upgrades, lawn maintenance activities, lawn & shrub care, pest control & fertilization, and irrigation repairs. Listening to the client carefully and accurately evaluating their needs is important to establish a good rapport with the client, to address their concerns, and to offer the right solutions for their property. James holds a Certified Pest Control Operators License (CPCO) in the State of Florida, and is a Certified RainBird Irrigation Technician. He completed four years of Agricultural study in high school, participated in the FFA program. and worked in the landscape industry after school and during the summers. He is a strong planner, organizer, leader, and problem solver who can train and supervise personnel. He also directs complex projects from inception through completion, and delivers superior results under tight deadlines.